This is Us

Today my hubs and I celebrate 6 years of marriage! This hunky man of mine and I met while walking down the aisle at a mutual friend’s wedding on July 19th, 2008 - also a very meaningful day in the Ledford house hold! He was an usher, I a guest, and it was his turn to seat someone. Well, as it happened, that lucky girl was me! Life with Craig has always been an adventure! This year is a little special for us for a few different reasons, but the biggest one is that WE MADE IT THROUGH LAST YEAR. Year five was rough. And we aren’t terribly shy about admitting it. There was nothing big that stood out, it was just hard tension wise. We’ve stayed true to each other, honest, faithful… but we were just going through the motions verses intentionally pouring into US. Basically, welcome to life with children, one spouse in school while the other is starting a business, and moving all in one year! If you go too long on half tank of gas, a quarter of a tank, empty… you eventually get stuck out in the middle of nowhere. That’s where we were in year five. BUT. We made the haul to the nearest gas station together. Our church body is so great! We’ve been mentored, counseled, and encouraged through the process of doing the work. Today, we celebrate being at a deeper level of love and commitment than we’ve ever been before (tears in eyes typing this). We’re keeping it low key this year by staying at a little B&B, walking down Magnolia, a hot yoga sesh, couples massage, and shopping for our daughters 4th birthday (woah!). It may look like it pales in comparison to our first year anniversary where we spent all day wandering around the streets of Hong Kong (did I mention I married an adventurous man?), but this one is sweeter... because there is victory attached to it. God is so good. And so are these pictures by Eric Ewing! I have a soft spot for indoor couples sessions… mainly because DFW is ugly. We had fun being ourselves, in comfy clothes, and in the comfort of our new home! Check em out!

Jonathan + Kaci

Kaci and Jonathan are the sweetest people you will ever meet! I've had the privilege of watching their love from dating all the way into their first years of marriage, and they make you fall in love with love all over aging. Our couple's session in the new DarkRoomFW was so much fun, and I will probably never stop posting their images! See for yourself!